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FUT 21 Coins

EA Sports' FUT series is one of the most popular gaming franchises on the planet, with millions of players around the world. It's available on every platform, so if you got a PC at home or a console, you know you can play FUT. And with that comes access to one of its most popular gamemodes: FUT Ultimate Team, or FUT for short. You become the manager of your own team and you can build it from the group up into the dream team you want, by buying and trading the players you need. What do you need for that? FUT Coins, and that's where we at UTSTORE come in!

How do I get FUT Coins?

Like we said, that's where we come in! On our website, you can buy your FUT Coins. Simply choose your platform (PC, Xbox or PlayStation) and tell us how many FUT Coins you need. Then proceed to the checkout page where you can pay using a wide array of payment options, including those local to your country! Are you missing a payment option? Tell us, we'd love to hear!

Or... in game?

If you're on a budget, there's alternative ways to acquire FUT Coins. You can do so in-game. For example by winning a lot of matches. Or, by advancing through the divisions and earning your FUT Coins along the way. It's not always easy to make your FUT Coins this way, but if you're determined you can still make a good amount of them. Be prepared to put in the time though! If you're impatient, we're always here to help!

Why do I need FUT Coins?

You're the manager and you're building your team. And what does every good team need? Right, good players! But unfortunately, on FUT Ultimate Team, just as in real life: the best players cost money. If you're a FUT God you might be able to win your matches by using lesser, cheaper players. But if you're like the rest of us, you want that Hazard on your team... you want that Ronaldo on your team... heck, you NEED that Messi on your team! And to make that happen, a lot of players purchase FUT Coins and so should you. This way, you can build your dream team and put it into action against other great teams. Otherwise, you'll end up spending your times slowly building up your Coin total so after months and months of hard work you'll just be able to afford Higuain, and old over the top striker whose way past his prime. Make it easy on yourself: buy FUT Coins.

I'm excited, how can I buy them?

Every year there's a new release of EA Sports' FUT game. And every year, it's released on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. You should keep that in mind when purchasing Coins, as you need to make sure you select the correct platform when buying them. You can't transfer FUT Coins from Xbox to PlayStation or vice versa. So after choosing the platform, choose the amount of Coins you need. Unlike in-game, on our website you can obtain as much FUT Coins as you need. So pick the amount you need, proceed to check out and make your purchase.

Sounds good, how do I get them in my FUT account?

After you purchased the FUT Coins, you can access the secured order environment on our website. You can get there either by clicking a link in your e-mail inbox or by logging in and following the notification box. Before we can deliver the FUT Coins, we need to ask you for some more information. After you have provided us with that information, we'll verify it and if all is good will then start delivering your order into your FUT account. Meanwhile, you can sit back and relax while we do all the work! If you ever run into any problems, be sure to contact our support team - they'll be more than happy to help!

I'm so happy I ordered, thanks!

You're more than welcome. If you're happy with your order, we always appreciate it if you could leave us a review or some other feedback.

One last thing... Loyalty Points?

Oh right, we almost forgot to talk about Loyalty Points! Those are our way to say thanks to you for being a loyal customer that keeps coming back to our website for your FUT needs. Every order we award you with Loyalty Points that you can save up to spin our Loyalty Wheels, which offer you a FUT Pack that you can open on our website. We promise, our FUT Packs are a lot more enjoyable to open than those in-game! And after opening the rewarded pack, you can transfer the FREE FUT Coins you received to your FUT account as well. Think of it as little bonus!

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